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The first article “Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals” was published on the famous “Nature Medicine” at 2007.
Subsequently, approximately 400 reports have been announced in the medical field as of 2014. Examination have been done in almost all of the pathologh. The clinical trial is also included. I am amazed at the noteworthy advances.
A remarkable result comes out by inhalation of the hydrogen gas in the ischemic reperfusion for myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction, cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the field of the lifesaving first aid. In the field of agriculture, researchers increase harvests by using hydrogen water.
Hydrogen is invisible and have no smell, no color orno taste, so the general person may be unfamiliar.
Some people may think that hydrogen is dangerous by the experience that let water disintegrate in science experiment. And others don’t understand difference between hydrogen and oxygen well.
Hydrogen fuel automobile is going to be put to practical use in the near future.
As the energy source, hydrogen is kind to the global environment.
Unlike oil, Hydrogen exists approximately endlessly.I think that hydrogen will become much more familiar.
By the way the explosion of hydrogen is safer than that of the gasoline.

Our role

With the spread of Internet, we can obtain much more information now.
At the same time, we must determine whether the information is right or wrong.
Hydrogen water market have been judged to be miraculous in a bad meaning.
Some people have said that it was a miracle that such a splendid subject did not spread in our life.
Hydrogen water has begun to be sold from around 2005. However, there was the hydrogen water which hydrogen was not left when consumers bought it.
That is because they were some bad quality products.Now anyone can send information on the Internet.That is why some consumers may be confused so much.
Because Molecular hydrogen very small, they slip with the plastic bottle container.
But there is still the vice supplier selling simple water.

You can drive a car even if you don’t know much about the structure of the engine.
You can use the Internet and a telephone even if you do not know much about the structure of the smartphone.
Similarly you can get the effects of molecular hydrogen even if you do not know the scientific knowledge of hydrogen.
It is a scientific story that hydrogen can contribute to our health.
We can measure how much hydrogen molecule melt if molecular hydrogen melt in the hydrogen water.
Being scientific means mensurable and plasticity. Hydrogen falls out in constant time like an apple falls into the ground after pouring hydrogen water into a cup.
We intend that the appropriate knowledge of hydrogen spreads out in the world even if you do not know details of hydrogen.
we are happy if we can help much people through this activity.

Director Fumiaki Ohta