About us “Molecular Hydrogen Spread committee”

In fields such as health, medical care, agriculture, the marine products industry, I definitely disseminate correct knowledge about hydrogen (molecular hydrogen or hydrogen molecules) which is useful for our life.

In the future, we will hand over this activity and the intellect fortune to a corporate judicial person or foundation of hydrogen or hydrogen water.

We don’t recommend a specific maker. In addition, I have no concern with the pseudoscience hydrogen product such as the negative hydrogen ion, active hydrogen, a hydrogen occlusion coral end, plasma hydrogen.

Based on the academic and scientific knowledge, we support more people to enjoy the benefits of molecular hydrogen.

Because molecular hydrogen is not approved as medicine at present, an effect is not guaranteed. Basically I introduce the articles and the findings of hydrogen medical study after 2005.

We observe laws and ordinances and the regulations. It is based on constitution Chapter 3 Article 21 meeting, an association, freedom of expression to the last.

Exclusion of antisocial forces

About our activity

Dissemination of correct knowledge about molecular hydrogen

Standardization of hydrogen product

Hydrogen concentration measuring method