About Hydrogen concentration measuring methods

I recommend the following apparatus in this committee.

About equipment

Microsensor -multi/Monometer(product made in Unisense)
Microsenssors for dissolved component / Adapter for microsensor(product made in Unisense)

Concentration measurement using the reagent such as Methylene blue and so on.

There is the hydrogen measuring machine converting the oxidation-reduction potential as a measuring instrument.
It is available to some extent by proofreading and controlling raw water. However, we do not recommend that method to measure hydrogen density because the value becomes the grant total of the oxidation and the reduction.

In addition, there is the method using methylene blue. Because you can see the change of the color, that may be plain. However, this is the In fact total number adding oxidation and reduction.
Methylene blue does not react with hydrogen itself.
The hydrogen judgment reagent containing methylene blue.combines platinum colloids catalytically for raising reactivity.
Because the reaction is low by the kind of methylene blue, a color does not go out if you drop it in hydrogen water.

Furthermore, by the measurement using methylene blue, a difference appears by raw water and the manufacturing process of hydrogen water. Even if the hydrogen density is equal, the number of the drippings of methylene blue varies by the location of water intake. The factor depends on a mineral and deaeration. The natural water contains minerals such as calcium or magnesium. They sometimes achieve the role as the catalysts and raise reactivity. In addition, it comes to show a slight reduction after removing oxygen when you dissolve hydrogen. Therefore, even if you use water with a few impurities, it is sometimes determined that there is less hydrogen than real hydrogen density.

Because oxidation-reduction potential and methylene blue may react with hydrogen, they are one of the rough indications
The change of oxidation-reduction potential and methylene blue does not show whether containing hydrogen or not exactly. I want all of you to be careful about the above.